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Diverse cultures. Multiple perspectives. An inclusive environment.
These are the qualities that strengthen successful businesses. And they are critical for a law firm that represents those businesses, too.

The leadership of our firm demonstrates our commitment to diversity. Virtually every decision-making body has minority and female representation. Our Policy Committee is a typical example - three of its 17 members are diverse.

Diverse lawyers serve as chairs or members of influential committees overseeing Compensation, Professional Development, Membership Nominations, Recruiting, Diversity, Finance and Marketing.



Diversity is about inclusion. An open mind. Courteous discourse and appreciating another point of view.

Active participation in diverse bar associations and corporate counsel programs. Relationships with community organizations which foster and enhance diversity. Creating a culture of understanding. This is our goal.

We work toward achieving that goal through involvement in organizations and programs that foster the changes to which we are committed. These include the ABA’s Council on Racial and Ethnic Justice and Women in Profession, the Task Force on Diversity in the Profession, the Association of Women Attorneys, minority job fairs and diversity clerkship programs.

Our diversity outreach begins with our work with law students and extends to honor some of the most seasoned judiciary. For more than 20 years, the firm has been proud to host the Lionel R. Collins Dinner in honor of Louisiana's African American judiciary. The dinner is held annually in conjunction with the National Bar Association annual meeting.

We are a proud sponsor of the study underlying the provocative, landmark treatise, “Visible Invisibility: Women of Color in Law Firms,” recently published by the ABA Commission on Women in the Profession.



While our success at the leadership level is significant, we always strive to do better. The ultimate goal is for everyone in our firm to contribute.

We’ve established a formal Diversity Program. It’s part of our strategic vision and a Best Practices initiative. The program is run by the Diversity Committee, which reports directly to firm management. This group develops our strategic diversity plan, implementation of its action plan and accountability for progress.


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