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Joining Our Firm as a Lateral Attorney

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Proven academic success and sound, relevant work experience are the main criteria for lateral attorney hires.

Our firm welcomes applications from qualified attorneys at all levels of experience. We are an entrepreneurial firm and eager to consider individuals or groups of attorneys working in our existing practice areas and in new markets. Salaries for attorneys are highly competitive with other law firms located in the cities where we have offices.


Associate Advancement

Our commitment to associates is extensive. We provide all associates with the necessary tools to assist with their professional growth and success as lawyers.

The firm’s Associate Committee is comprised of a dedicated group of firm members. They evaluate and direct the evolution and quality of work and life of our associates.

Using an associate competency model, our firm outlines core abilities at each level of experience. It is a progressive model, with each level building upon the next. Associates have an accurate and uniform guide for successful and sequential development within our firm.


Associate Guidance and Training

One-on-one regular guidance and constructive feedback are integral to professional growth. A member supervisor provides ongoing informal evaluations to associates. These supervisors also assign and oversee each associate’s work. Additional feedback is offered annually from all of the members with whom each associate works during the course of the year.

During “lunch and learn” trainings, associates gain insight and guidance from members of the firm and other experts in the legal field. Periodically, we conduct firmwide associate training luncheons via teleconference and webinar. Topics may include marketing, building client relationships, and other skills important to the growth and progression of our associates.


Employee Benefits

In today’s world, compensation is only part of the package. When considering employment options, employee benefits are equally important to rounding out the picture. We’re proud of ours: a comprehensive medical plan at affordable rates; life insurance at a significant level provided by the firm; dental, vision, and long term disability insurance at attractive group rates. Our 401(k) Retirement/Savings plan, with its profit-sharing contributions, is a benefit of which we are particularly proud.

Our flexible benefits plan, Employee Assistance Program, and holidays round out our benefits package.


Highlighted Events

If special events provide a glimpse into a firm’s culture, looking through our window reveals people who achieve a rewarding balance between quality of work and quality of life.

There’s our attorney’s golf tournament, a more than 20-year tradition which includes the occasional karaoke contest thrown in for good measure.

We’re an active and social firm — annual picnics, holiday gatherings, birthday celebrations, and a multitude of civic activities in which we participate.

To us, the social and civic sides of our work reflect a healthy organization, one filled with people who work well together and enjoy each other’s company too.