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  • Podcast: Repossessions and Bankruptcy Post-COVID, Post-Fulton

    COVID-19’s economic impact on borrowers’ ability to repay loans has had major repercussions for auto lenders, and the U.S. Supreme Court recently issued a decision relating to repossessions in bankruptcy. As COVID borrower relief programs wind down, what is the forecast for auto repossessions?

  • Is my oral agreement enforceable?

    Promissory Estoppel Faith Lawley, LLC v. McKay, 12th Dist. Warren No. CA2020-08-052, 2021-Ohio-2156 In this appeal, the Twelfth Appellate District affirmed the trial court’s decision, agreeing that there was no evidence the plaintiffs ever made a clear and unambiguous promise on which the defendant could have reasonably relied to support a promissory estoppel claim. TheMore

  • Podcast: Cryptocurrency – Wall Street or Main Street?

    As cryptocurrency becomes more widely accepted as a payment method, it leaves many people wondering whether it will remain a volatile investment or become as common as a debit card. In our second cryptocurrency podcast, we asked the question: is cryptocurrency Wall Street or Main Street?

  • The Rise of FCRA Litigation: Trends, Updates, and Best Litigation Strategies Explored

    On Tuesday, July 13, 2021, Joseph Apatov and Robert Im will join a panel of key thought leaders and practitioners for an in-depth discussion of FCRA litigation trends, crucial considerations, and effective litigation strategies.

  • Do I have a Claim for Unfair Competition Against a Competitor?

    Privity to Sue Yeager v. U.S. Bank, 1st Dist. Hamilton No. C-200262, 2021-Ohio-1972In this appeal, the First Appellate District affirmed in part as modified, reversed in part, and remanded the trial court’s decision. The Appellate Court found the beneficiaries were in privity to enforce their rights, as their interests became vested immediately upon the creationMore

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