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  • Licensing and Compliance Counsel for National Mortgage Lender/Servicers

    Our Licensing Team provides daily licensing and compliance counsel to numerous national mortgage lender/servicers regarding nationwide licensing and compliance matters, and in a number of cases, has done so since the inception of the company’s operations. We conduct regular monitoring to ensure licenses remain in good standing and are regularly updated to reflect changes toMore

  • Licensing and Compliance Counsel for Marketplace Lenders

    Our Licensing Team provides counsel regarding the creation and operation of numerous marketplace lenders and other startups with respect to nationwide licensing and compliance matters. We assist internal resources with the submission of licensing filings to regulators or allow the companies to outsource entirely, and handle the complex licensing issues that arise due to companyMore

  • Licensing and Compliance Counsel for National Auto Finance Companies

    Our Licensing Team assists with multistate licensing, consumer finance compliance, and various loan product documentation issues relating to the business of financing motor vehicle purchases and refinancing transactions. We offer detailed on-the-ground knowledge with respect to the industry operations of captive auto finance companies, non-captive auto finance companies, and Buy Here Pay Here auto financeMore

  • Licensing and Compliance Counsel for Commercial Lending Industry

    Our Licensing Team assists large and small commercial loan brokers, lenders, and servicers involved in the offering of commercial loans, including commercial real estate, equipment, floor plan financing, and even unsecured commercial loans. We provide comprehensive knowledge on the licensing implications of each model and advise on how to properly structure and license such operationsMore

  • Licensing and Compliance Counsel for the Payments Industry

    Our Licensing Team assists companies involved in the payments industry with understanding the potential application of federal and state requirements applicable to money services businesses, money transmitters, and the offering of cryptocurrency services. We provide counsel on the applicability of such state licenses and, if applicable, assist with obtaining and maintaining the licenses required forMore




  • Making the Most of Licensing Renewals

    As we find ourselves in the midst of license renewal season (which began on November 1 and runs through the end of the year), you may find yourself wondering, how do I ensure compliance in every jurisdiction in which my company holds a license? Renewal requirements vary by state and by license, ranging from a simple fee to specific documentation that must be submitted to the regulator. Below are some tips to help licensees in tracking renewal requirements year-round and filing timely renewal submissions.

  • The 2020 Elections: What to Expect in Consumer Finance in 2021 and Beyond

    The short history of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has resulted in a wild ride for the financial sector with respect to rulemaking and enforcement of consumer finance laws. Turbulent times for the CFPB and industry may continue, in light of the possibility of a change in administration following the 2020 presidential election coupled with continued economic fallout of the COVID pandemic.

  • Working from Home: Compliance and Licensing Considerations Across Industries

    How has the recent Work-From-Home scenario impacted licensing operations? Robert Savoie (Cleveland) and Sarah Edwards (New Orleans) discussed requirements for MLOs and other licensees and addressed consumer privacy and data protection during a presentation on Wednesday, October 7 during the 2020 Virtual Consumer Finance Legal Conference.

  • Licensing Renewals

    A panel of McGlinchey attorneys and licensing managers covered renewal periods, post-renewal data reports, and renewal reporting on Wednesday, October 7 during the 2020 Virtual Consumer Finance Legal Conference.

  • Louisiana to Require Virtual Currency Business License

    The Louisiana Office of Financial Institutions (OFI) will require virtual currency businesses to hold a license, though the license application may not be available until 2021.

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