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Our Work

  • Convenience Stores

    Coordination of sale and/or purchase of various convenience store sites, including environmental reports and issuance of title insurance.

  • Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA or Superfund) and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Claims

    Represented parties defending numerous lawsuits involving superfund sites, including Gulf Coast Vacuum, Combustion Inc., Bayou Sorrel, Ruston Foundry, Palmer Barge Line and Malone Services. McGlinchey attorneys have defended numerous potentially responsible parties and have served on Defendants’ steering committees. McGlinchey attorneys frequently have assisted clients responding to CERCLA/Superfund Notice Letters and RCRA Section 308 InformationMore

  • Environmental and Public Health Issues Counsel

    Acted as Special Counsel to the St. Bernard Parish Council in responding to environmental and public health issues resulting from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita; established and acted as first General Counsel of Shipyard Association for Environmental Responsibility (SAFER) representing 67 shipyards along the Gulf Coast in dealing with federal and state environmental issues concerning theMore

  • Environmental Compliance for Financial Institutions

    Assisted numerous creditors in regulatory and compliance issue that arise in the context of securitization and enforcement of real estate loans. McGlinchey attorneys also have prepared opinion letters for lending institutions certifying compliance with all federal and state environmental permitting requirements.

  • Environmental Permitting

    Assisted clients in all matters of air, water, solid and hazardous waste, and wetland permitting issues, including, for example, assisting numerous clients in wetland permitting issues under the federal Clean Water Act (Section 404 Permits) and the Louisiana Coastal Resources Program (Coastal Use Permits); developers and operators of solid waste disposal facilities in both permittingMore

  • Careful Investigation, Cooperation with Regulators, and Finding the Real Guilty Party Clears Client from Government Action in HAZMAT Probe – At No Cost

    Where we started: The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Justice (DOJ), and Ohio EPA brought allegations that our client, a large military defense contractor, illegally disposed of hazardous waste material in a residential area in Ohio. After these agencies notified the contractor’s legal department and management team of an impending enforcement action, theyMore

  • Legacy Oilfield Cleanup Litigation

    Defended numerous oil and gas operators from claims alleging historical non-hazardous Oilfield Waste (NOW) and Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) contamination of property at or adjacent to oilfield sites allegedly arising out of oil and gas production.

  • Positioning the Facts to Demonstrate Plaintiff Suffered No Substantial Damages Undercuts Litigation and Scores a Victory for Client

    Where we started: A landowner in Louisiana claimed our client, a large environment consultant, provided bad advice about whether a sizeable tract of property could feasibly be very valuable as a wetlands mitigation bank. Based on the consultant’s assessment, the landowner invested money and resources into developing its land in preparation for the state to designateMore

  • Remediation of Contaminated Properties

    Assisted clients in remediation of contaminated properties, particularly involving application of Louisiana’s Risk Evaluation/Corrective Action Program (RECAP), and addressed issues in property transactions, particularly regarding due diligence innocent landowner, bona fide prospective purchaser, innocent neighbor, and voluntary remediation program (VRP) limitations on environmental liability. McGlinchey has been closely involved in remediation of a wide rangeMore