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  • California Expands Digital License Plates, Ends Pilot Program

    Effective January 1, 2023, all California vehicle owners will be able to display a digital license plate in lieu of a traditional, state-issued license plate. Assembly Bill 984—approved by the governor on September 29, 2022—effectively ends California’s multi-year pilot program, which capped digital license plates at roughly one-half of one percent of the state’s motor vehicles. California will join Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, and Michigan as states that have approved digital license plates for widespread use among the motoring public.

  • California’s new legislation takes aim at GAP waivers

    California Attorney General Rob Bonta has never minced words in expressing his position that consumers should be protected from guaranteed asset protection (GAP) waivers. This trend continued with his sponsorship of AB 2311, authored by California State Assemblyman Brian Maienschein.

  • Georgia Enacts Digital License Plate Regulations, Effective October 1st

    Beginning October 1, 2022, in lieu of the traditional metal license plate issued by the Georgia Department of Revenue (“Department”), motor vehicle owners may display a digital license plate provided by a state-approved digital license plate provider. The final rule, effective October 1, 2022, was published in June. Georgia is the fifth state to approve digital license plates, following Arizona, California, Colorado, and Michigan. (Earlier this year, Texas approved such plates for commercial fleets of twenty-five or more vehicles, but it has not yet approved them in non-commercial applications.)

  • Combating ID fraud: Five steps to prevention

    Katherine Schnack (Cleveland) was interviewed by Auto Finance News about how to stop ID fraud in "Combating ID fraud: Five steps to prevention".

  • Compliance Matters, Including Preparing for Regulatory Examinations

    Mark Edleman (Cleveland) will lead a roundtable discussion "Compliance Matters, Including Preparing for Regulatory Examinations" on October 26, 2022, at the 2022 Auto Finance Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Auto Finance Summit is the Premiere event for those in the auto finance industry to learn and network.

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