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  • Birmingham Business Journal Names Chris Couch to its Best of the Bar

    McGlinchey Stafford is pleased to announce that the Birmingham Business Journal has named Member Christopher P. Couch to its 2021 Best of the Bar, which honors excellence within the city’s legal industry.

  • 1099-C Discharge without Debt Cancellation Not Consumer Protection Law Violation

    Once again, a borrower who argued his debt was cancelled when he received an IRS Form 1099-C was told by the court that it was merely discharged. The court says “discharge” is not “actual discharge.” While acknowledging that a common consumer may not easily understand the distinction, the court held that “discharge” for IRS reporting purposes is not necessarily “actual discharge” of the obligation.

  • Webinar: How Can the FCRA Impact Your Business?

    The next installment in McGlinchey’s 14-week series covering all things Fair Credit Reporting Act is a webinar featuring attorneys from McGlinchey’s Labor and Employment and Consumer Financial Services Compliance and Litigation teams.

  • Repossessions and bankruptcy: What the Fulton decision means for turnover

    The February Supreme Court decision in City of Chicago v. Fulton was widely celebrated in the lending community because the court found that a lender who repossesses a vehicle before a borrower files for bankruptcy is not in violation of the “exercise control” provision of the Bankruptcy Code’s automatic stay section.

  • Fair Credit Reporting Act: Policy Check In – Permissible Purpose

    The FCRA governs actions of CRAs, users of consumer reports, and the parties that furnish information to the CRAs. A comprehensive FCRA Policy should be tailored to your entity and reflect how it will actually obtain, use, and share consumer reports, in enough detail to match the complexity of your operations.

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