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Consumer Financial Services Litigation
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  • SVB and Signature Bank Crashes: Regulations to Come?

    The recent collapse of two large regional banks, and the expedited sale of Credit Suisse due to similar challenges, have left many in the financial services industry uncertain about the future. What should we understand about what happened and what it might mean for the future of finance?

  • McGlinchey Names Shaun Ramey Financial Services Litigation Group Co-Chair

    McGlinchey Stafford is pleased to announce that it has named attorney Shaun Ramey co-chair of the firm’s national Financial Services Litigation (FSL) practice group. McGlinchey has been recognized as an industry leader and go-to firm in the FSL space for over forty years, and Shaun has represented scores of financial services providers in their litigation matters nationwide for almost 25 years. Shaun also serves as managing member of the firm’s Nashville office and on McGlinchey’s executive Policy Committee.

  • GLBA or FCRA? Data Sharing Between Affiliates and Non-Affiliates

    When an entity shares data outside of its organization, the following questions often arise: Does the FCRA or GLBA (or both) apply to the specific type of data sharing? And how do these laws impact my company’s financial privacy notice? The answer to these questions comes down to the relationship between the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA,More

  • McGlinchey Stafford Adds Adams And Reese Bankruptcy Pro

    McGlinchey Stafford PLLC has added a Adams and Reese LLP capital partner and financial services attorney to its creditors' rights, financial restructuring and bankruptcy group in Florida.

  • CFPB Loses Novel Redlining Case Against Non-Bank Mortgage Lender

    On February 3, 2023, an Illinois federal judge dismissed with prejudice Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection v. Townstone Financial Inc. et al., the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s redlining case against a non-bank mortgage lender.

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