White Collar and Government Investigations

White Collar and Government Investigations
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  • Search Warrant Protocol: Stop a Bad Day from Getting Worse

    Whether they’re federal, state, or local, when agents knock on your door with a search warrant, you've already had a bad day. With a few simple tips, you can keep it from getting worse. In this episode of “More with McGlinchey,” Bob Driscoll and Dan Plunkett discuss what you should and shouldn’t say to agents, managing employees and media, and avoiding obstruction of justice.

  • McGlinchey Launches Podcast That Brings You “More”

    McGlinchey Stafford is pleased to announce the launch of its podcast, “More With McGlinchey,” available now where you listen to podcasts. “We know our clients look to us to cut through the noise in distilling the issues that matter to them,” said Rudy Aguilar, McGlinchey’s Managing Member. “We’re committed to providing information where our audienceMore

  • Do I need a lawyer? Government employees under investigation

    In Episode 1 of "More with McGlinchey," Bob Driscoll and Dan Plunkett discuss what government employees should do when they come under investigation and share three steps that can be taken to minimize headaches.

  • Congress Wants to Talk to Your Client—Now What?

    Robert Driscoll (Washington, DC) authored an article titled “Congress Wants to Talk to Your Client—Now What?” for the National Law Journal. As we’ve seen recently with the impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, congressional investigations are very different than matters with which most lawyers are familiar. They are a blend of civil litigation, criminal inquiry,More

  • Impeachment Is Almost Over. Here Are the Dozens of Lawyers Who Got Involved.

    Bob Driscoll, Alfred Carry (Washington, DC), and Dan Plunkett (New Orleans) were mentioned in a Law.com article on the private lawyers involved in President Donald Trump’s impeachment proceedings. View the article here.

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