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  • Louisiana employers can be responsible for employees’ garnishments on behalf of creditor

    Buried deep in the Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure is a little-known law which gives creditors the right to seek wage garnishments from a borrower’s employer if the borrower fails to satisfy a loan obligation. In a recent case, after failing to respond timely (within 15 days) to garnishment interrogatories from an employee’s creditor and failing to appear at a hearing, an employer was held responsible for the full amount of a judgment rendered against its employee.

  • Podcast: Dictaphones to Zoom Fatigue: Navigating the Multigenerational Practice of Law

    Gen X, Gen Y, Boomers, Millennials – those are convenient labels. But what do they mean in the modern practice of law? What do they mean at all, for that matter? Do we practice differently now than we did 20 years ago or 50 years ago?

  • Retirement Options for Small Employers

    Member Kathy Conklin (New Orleans) will present at the 71st Tulane Tax Insitute in New Orleans, Louisiana, on "Retirement Options for Small Employers" on November 17, 2022. This presentation will offer a basic overview of the retirement plan options that best serve smaller employers and explore recent tax law changes applicable to small business retirement accounts. One of the many topics to be explored are the recent changes brought about by the passage of the SECURE Act and the minimum required distribution timing rules applicable to retirement assets, which will greatly impact estate planning strategies with respect to small business retirement accounts. The presentation will also explore a variety of often overlooked retirement options, such as the options available when saving in a tax-deferred plan and special designations which will allow a non-spouse beneficiary to take an extended stretch payout using a beneficiary IRA. Additionally, the presenter will provide an analysis of how you know whether your company really is a small employer and the zero tax upon the sale of qualified small business stock, which is an important consideration for all small business owners.

  • To Put It Bluntly, the Federal Judiciary’s Inconsistent Approach to the Cannabis Industry Is (Reefer) Madness

    We often look to the federal judiciary as the gold standard of American jurisprudence. State courts frequently find federal opinions persuasive. Confirmation hearings for federal judges are televised. Indeed, the federal judiciary is even enshrined in Article III of the U.S. Constitution. And while we can expect that opinions issued by federal judges interpreting statutes and laws may differ somewhat across the nation’s districts and circuits, lawyers, businesses, and the public at large have come to expect—and rely upon—a degree of consistency in the federal judiciary’s decisions. However, when it comes to the rapidly evolving cannabis industry, the federal judiciary has been anything but consistent.

  • 44 McGlinchey Practice Areas recognized in 2023 Best Law Firms

    McGlinchey Stafford PLLC is pleased to announce two national practice group rankings and 42 metropolitan practice area rankings in U.S. News - Best Lawyers® “Best Law Firms” for 2023.

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